How to use a mask to protect your skin

Ars Technic article You’re probably already familiar with the mask that protects your skin from sunburn and infections, but what about a more exotic one that doesn’t involve a bunch of chemicals?

A new mask made by a Japanese company aims to do just that.

It’s called the Nubia Mask, and it has a few unique benefits over traditional masks.

You might not realize it, but it’s a mask that contains all sorts of different kinds of chemicals.

For example, it contains nanoparticles, which can be used to treat conditions like asthma and allergic reactions, and nanoparticles that are naturally occlusive to the skin.

These substances also act as antiperspirants.

This mask is also vegan, which means that it can be applied topically, like a sunscreen, or applied directly to the face, like some of the more traditional masks out there.

This masks benefits aren’t limited to skin conditions; it’s also useful for those who aren’t naturally covered in makeup.

Nubias mask can be worn as a face mask or for a facial, but there are a couple other applications for it that you can see below.

The Nubium masks uses the nanoparticles to provide occlusion for the skin, and then it also includes an applicator that can be clipped to your nose, forehead, cheek, and other points of contact.

The applicator is a bit awkward to use, but its purpose is to apply a thin layer of Nubian mask directly to your skin, preventing the skin from becoming more dry or irritated, so it can help protect your face and body.

The mask comes in two sizes, and Nubians is the smaller size, so if you prefer a more natural look, then the smaller version is for you.

The smaller Nubie is available in four different shades, and the larger Nubio is available only in black.

The masks are available now, and if you want to try one out for yourself, you can head over to the Numerica Shop in Los Angeles, where they’re currently available for $99.

The size is large enough to be used in the shower, and you can buy the smaller Numeria mask at Amazon.

The other thing that makes Nubiatas masks different is that they contain nanoparticles instead of chemicals, which should make them much more effective for those with skin conditions that require a lot of occlusions.

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