Which players do you think are the best at playing the ball?

2 football players with the best ability to dribble the ball are linked together by the name of Luka Modric.

The Serbian playmaker is also one of the most important players in Italian football, but is not recognised by many as one of their best players.

He is ranked as second on our list of the best players in the world.

Modric dribbles with such ease that he is able to beat defenders with his feet, but also makes it possible to take the ball from behind and finish from long range.

He scores with both feet.

The former Napoli forward has scored 486 goals in his career.

Modrić has a lot of admirers in Italy.

He has a reputation as a player who has the right attitude.

He knows how to motivate players and has a good relationship with the coach, Roberto Mancini.

This is a guy who likes to win.

He wants to be in the top 4 and is known to make a lot more.

He can make a big impact in Italy, and has been for years.

The 23-year-old has also won the European Golden Boot, which is awarded to the player who is best in the Golden Boot voting.

He currently has a goal every 28.4 minutes.

Mancinis team-mates Leonardo Bonucci, Mario Mandzukic and Roberto Soldado also have good skills when it comes to dribbling.

Modrigic has the highest dribbling efficiency of all the players we analysed in this ranking, and is considered by many to be one of Europe’s best players, although he is not yet recognised by some in the Italian national team.

The 27-year old has scored a goal per game of 1.8.

He also has an excellent left foot and a great shot.

Marnick Vialli is another top-class dribbler, who is currently at Inter Milan.

He plays with great skill, and he is also a very good passer.

He scored a hat trick in a 1-0 victory against Juventus in the Champions League in 2018.

The Argentine midfielder has a fantastic left foot, and the ball is always in his hands.

He dribbles the ball with great speed, but he is never caught out of position.

He was also one a part of the Juventus squad in the last European Cup final, where he scored the winning goal.

He loves to score goals.

He likes to score for his team, and it shows.

He’s one of our best dribblers.

Juventus is also considered one of Italy’s best teams.

They have won the last four Champions League crowns and were runners-up in 2018, winning the Europa League too.

They finished last in Serie A and Serie B. He had a fantastic season with Juventus last season, scoring 31 goals.

The Italian international was also a member of the European Under-21 side, where his performance helped the team reach the quarter-finals of the competition.

He played for the Under-19s in the World Cup, and scored a brace against the Netherlands.

In 2018, he also scored in the Euroleague final against Barcelona, where the Spanish side lost 1-1.

He will be hoping that he does not have to play in Italy’s most important tournament.

Mihailo Di Stéfano is another player with the same attributes as Modric, but unlike Modric is not a member on the Italy national team team.

He started his career in Serie B and has made it to the senior squad.

The 21-year -old has the best dribbling speed of all our players, but not as much as Modriči.

Di Stèfano scores goals with both of his feet and is also able to play with a left foot.

He often uses his left foot to make it possible for his teammates to get around him.

The striker has also been very successful in the league.

He finished the 2017-18 campaign as the top scorer in Serie D, scoring 10 goals in 23 games.

He became the first player in Italian league history to score more than 30 goals in a season.

He added an incredible goal in the Europa Cup quarter-final against Borussia Dortmund in 2017.

He now has seven goals in 12 matches.

The young Italian is very good with the ball at his feet.

He shoots a lot from long distance, and can dribble and finish with both his feet at the same time.

The player has scored 656 goals in Serie NAC, which means he has scored 1,948 goals in the past five seasons.

He still has plenty of room to improve.

He could make a strong case for being one of Serie A’s best.

The Juventus striker scored 1 goal in 15 games last season.

Mina Zadora is another striker who has scored with both hands.

The 30-year –old has scored 576 goals in 20 Serie A campaigns.

Zadoras career started in the lower leagues, where she played