Devita Skin Care has a new skin care product line and it’s really great

Devita is launching a new line of skin care products and it sounds pretty amazing!

I know I said I’m excited about all the new products that the brand is launching, but I’m also curious about what’s inside.

The brand’s new line includes an “hydrating serum” that contains “100 percent skin-soothing collagen” and a “skin hydration powder” that is “a lightweight cream made from organic coconut oil and organic water.”

They’re also launching an “extensively formulated hydrating oil,” which is “water-based and formulated to hydrate the skin for a smooth, even, radiant glow.”

The skin care line is all about using natural ingredients to help hydrate and nourish skin.

Devita says their “hydrated serum” contains 100 percent skin healing ingredients including “natural hyaluronic acid,” which “can reduce fine lines and wrinkles” and “natural skin-repairing peptides.”

A “skin-soaping moisturizer” is also in the line.

They’ve also released an “skin cream” that has “an extensive list of moisturizing ingredients,” including “pure water and organic coconut oils” and natural vitamin C and “essential amino acids.”

All of the skin care items are available for purchase online and at their retail locations.

Devita is also partnering with Ulta Beauty to bring their line to Ulta stores.

Ulta Beauty, a beauty retailer with over 2,000 stores, has been testing out new skin products with the brand.

They’ve also recently announced they’re partnering with the “beauty and wellness community to make beauty and wellness a part of Ulta beauty.”

Ultanet’s “Beauty and Health” section features beauty tips, products, and health products.

I’m hoping Devita has something similar for us, but that’s all I know right now.

As for the products, they’re available now at, (they’re also available on their own website), and

Here’s a quick look at some of the products: The “hydration serum” is $20, $40, $60, and $90, depending on size, and is available in four sizes, and a size 12 is $60.

A sample size is available for $10 on Ulta’s website.

This is a “hydrative cream” which contains “hydrophilic collagen,” and is $40.

For $40 it contains “water, organic coconut acid, hyaluronan, essential amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin E-rich glycerin.”

This product has “a comprehensive list of hydrating and soothing ingredients,” and has “rich skin care ingredients, including hyaloid-derived peptides, and skin-strengthening ingredients.”

For a $60 you can get a $20 sample size, which has “organic coconut oil, natural and synthetic antioxidants, and pure water.”

The product is available at Ultanet stores and

An “extended-release skin moisturizer,” is $70.

And this is a moisturizer which contains hyalacin and “water,” which are both “water and organic,” and “an antioxidant that can enhance and revitalize the skin.”

Devitas “skin oil” is a $100 “hydrocellulose-free, plant-based skin care oil.”

And the “extending-release hydrator” is an $80 “hydrolith gel that contains hydratase, hydrase-enriched water, and essential oils.”

Here are some of Devitas skin care lines: This “hydrate serum” has “100% skin-solvent collagen” that “can hydrate, hydrate quickly, and hydrate easily” and that “helps to moisturize, hydrated skin.” 

“Hydrating Serum” is “pure, water-based, and formulated for use on the skin and on the face.”

“Hydrolith Gel” is the “essential oil-rich, moisturizing gel.”

It’s available at Devita stores and Ulta. 

Ultas stores.