What you need to know about the health risks of buttercup skin cream

The skin care brand Buttercup is getting a makeover.

The company is trying to get rid of some of its skin-care claims in order to make the product more appealing to younger customers.

“There are definitely some ingredients that we think we need to change, and there are other ingredients that are probably more important to consumers than others,” says Heather Deppinger, Buttercup’s marketing director.

Deppiger says that they want to make sure the new product will be more appealing for young people.

“We’ve got to make it easier for them to see it, more easily to touch it and to buy it,” she says.

“They may not be in the market for a buttercup product.

That’s something we’re definitely working on.”

Deppig says they also want to try to reduce the product’s sodium content by half.

The brand says that it has “an ongoing, rigorous safety evaluation” to ensure the new products meet strict quality standards.

However, there are no plans to sell Buttercup in Canada.

Dept. of Health spokeswoman Catherine Tysk says the federal government will be making its own decision about whether to approve Buttercup.

“Health Canada has been in discussions with the company and will provide updates on their position as they become available,” she wrote in an email.

Depig says the company is confident that the new Buttercup skin products will be safe.

She says the brand is working to keep buttercup in its stores and will continue to work with its Canadian distributors to ensure Buttercup remains on store shelves.

She also says that Buttercup has received a “great response” to the Buttercup Skin Cream.

The product’s online presence has grown over the last year, with more than 30,000 sales so far.

Depepiger says the new brand has also received great reviews.

“The brand has been really popular and has really received positive reviews,” she adds.

“It’s also a great brand for younger consumers because it has a lot of great things about it, like the buttercup, and they’re really passionate about it.”

Depephid is hopeful that Butterpack will be approved in Canada in the coming months.

“I’m optimistic that this is going to be approved,” she said.

“People love buttercup.”

Deopig says she hopes the changes in the Butterpack skin cream will help it gain traction.

“Hopefully, it’s going to help Buttercup stay in the top spot.”

Depecie is not surprised that Butterpak has received such positive feedback.

“This is something that’s been around for quite some time,” she tells me.

“So, it kind of comes with the territory.”

Deepig says Butterpak is working hard to keep its brand relevant to younger people.

She adds that she hopes to expand Butterpak’s presence in Canada, especially among younger people who may be considering buying Buttercup products.

“If you’re young, you’re not going to buy a product like this unless it’s the best deal that you can get,” she explains.

“That’s why we think this is so important.”

You can watch the full interview with Depeptiger and Deppigg on CBC’s The Early Edition.