Walmart skincare line to expand to Australia

The retail giant will expand its online shopping services to Australia by adding Amazon Prime membership to its popular skin care line.

The company will also add Amazon Prime to its Walmart skin care range.

The move is part of Walmart’s push to diversify into the Australian market, following its acquisition of Australian retailer Ulta in July last year.

Walmart Australia chief executive Mike Smith said the move would give Australians more choice and convenience.

“This is an opportunity for Walmart to really flex its muscle in this market and be part of the ecosystem for Australians,” he said.

Ulta had been sold to Coles for $2.2 billion, but the deal has not been finalised and Walmart has yet to finalise the deal.

In February, Walmart Australia chief marketing officer Brian Jones said the retailer was looking to expand its Australian footprint.

This includes a launch of its own online skin care offering, Walmart Skin Care, at a store in Melbourne.

It is part the Walmart’s commitment to the beauty market in Australia, and to be part-owner of beauty brands including Ulta.

Read more about the Ulta acquisition: The Ulta deal will see Walmart’s online shopping and loyalty programs expand to more than 40 stores across the country.

Under the deal, the retailer will be able to offer a range of skin care products including facial masks, lip balms, toners, and moisturisers.

Its skin care offerings will also be available to Walmart shoppers at the retailer’s stores, and the retailer is also likely to launch its own line of skin-care products at Walmart stores in the future.

Amazon Prime memberships have also been added to the Australian Walmart skin service line.

The new products will be available in the online store and the store will be stocked with the products.

A Walmart spokesperson said the new skin care will not be available through the website and will only be available on Amazon Prime.

Australia’s biggest online retailer, Walmart, has already made a number of changes to its retail strategy in recent years, including introducing the Walmart Online store, expanding its online presence in Australia and the introduction of the Walmart Prime membership programme.

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