The Latest: ‘Hair Loss’ Awareness Day is a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Hype and Sales

Organic skin care and hair loss are no longer the stuff of hype.

The popularity of Hypebusting, a website dedicated to selling organic products, is a “Trojan horse for sales,” according to the site’s co-founder. 

On Wednesday, the company is holding a sale called Hype Week, in which it is offering free haircuts, haircuts and manicures to anyone who signs up for the service. 

The sale is sponsored by Coca-Cola, which is giving $1 off an ounce of Coke when they use HypeBusting to sell it at its store in stores. 

“We think HypeWeek is a way to get people excited about organic beauty and to get them to stop paying for it, because we think that organic beauty is a very positive thing,” Hype Weeks CEO Dan Krakower told Business Insider. 

It’s the latest move by the company to combat the hype that has led to so many people not purchasing organic products. 

In October, Hype Busters co-founders Daniel and Dan Odom told Businessweek that they wanted to focus on organic products and their value because they believe they are the only way to combat hype. 

“[Hypebusters] has always been focused on organic beauty, but we really wanted to take it a step further,” Krakowers said. 

Krakowers, who is also the CEO of Krakow Cosmetics, said the site has been helping people understand the value of organic products for more than five years. 

Hype Week’s goal is to make organic beauty a mainstream conversation, not just an alternative to buying organic products that have a high price tag, Krakowski said.

Hype Busting, which has over 100,000 subscribers, has also launched a $5,000 reward to anyone willing to make an appointment. 

You can sign up to the Hypeweek $5K giveaway here.

HiveMind, which sells a range of health products, recently opened a salon in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help people find the most comfortable and most effective natural products for their skin. 

There is also a $10,000 prize available to anyone wanting to share their personal beauty story.HIVEMind launched its first salon in 2017 in Washington, DC, and is planning a second one in 2018 in Cincinnati. 

One of its most popular products is Nordstroms’ Mannica, a natural moisturizer that can be used as a face mask, facial moisturizer, or as a shampoo. 

ManaCreme, a face-conditioning product, was featured on the CBS program Sunday Morning in April 2018. 

Nestlé has partnered with HIVEMind to provide its customers with an extra $1.99 per month for a full year. 

More: Nesting for the honeymoon in a natural setting with natural-looking natural skin care for everyone Natural Beauty Expert has partnered with Nestlé to provide free facial treatments, which include a moisturizer and face wash. 

Natural-looking skin care products include masks, serums, toners, and powders. 

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