Which skin care products are worth your money?

It’s a question that’s been asked a lot in Australia: which skin care brands are worth the money?

Here are our top picks.


Younique Skin Care, $129.99 per month, 24-hour, $2.79 per £1.99, with a free first visit to their website.

The company, which has roots in the U.K., opened its first store in Sydney last year, and the Sydney store is one of the first in Australia to offer a 24-Hour Skin Care service.

“There are a lot of brands that are on the market at the moment, and there are a few that are actually in the same category as us,” Younique CEO and founder, Joanne O’Neill, told ABC Radio Sydney in March.

“We’re trying to capture the same thing in terms of quality and price that our customers are looking for.”


CeraVe skin care range, $109.99 monthly, 24 hours, $4.99 for $50.00 in-store or online.

A small shop that focuses on organic products, CeraVes skin care ranges include a range of skin-care products including face masks, body care and moisturizers.


Aloe Vera and Emollient Skin Care range,$129.95 monthly, 12-day, $9.99 in-shop or online for $30.00.

This skin care brand has a good reputation, but the best skin care for dry skin is the Aloe, with the company claiming to be the “most powerful skin care ingredient.”


Sunbeam Skin Care skin care collection, $79.95, 12 months, $7.99 online or $29.99 at C.A.I.M. stores.

Sunbeam Skin care, founded in 2011 in Melbourne, is known for its skin care line of moisturizers, body scrubs and masks.


C.L.C.C., $79 per month for $49.99 with free first use of a smartphone app.


L, the Australian company behind a range that includes a range for dry, irritated skin, says its products are made from organic ingredients and can help “remove impurities and protect against UV damage.”


Skin Care Organics, $59.99 12-month subscription, with free use of smartphone app, or online at www.skincareorganics.com.au.

Its $59 per month subscription includes a full month of the company’s flagship skin care product, an anti-inflammatory, which helps dry skin and helps with the appearance of fine lines.


Alba skin care kit, $99.99 Monthly, 12 days, $39.99 (one-time delivery) with online delivery.

Alba Skin Care kit is a skin care set that includes moisturizers and a foundation.


The Honest Beauty Skin Care Pack, $29 per month with online or in-person delivery, with online access to select online and in-house stores.

The Beauty Pack includes a skin-whitening serum, serum with SPF 20, sunscreen, face masks and face-washing soap.


Almond Oil, $69.99 2-3 days, with in-home delivery.

A product from Honest Beauty that is popular in Australia and New Zealand.


Naturals Beauty Pack, 2-4 days, 1-year, $40.00 with in store delivery.

The Naturality Beauty Pack contains a serum with a UV-protective layer, a serum, mask and moisturizer.


Nude and Natural, $19 per month.

Nude and natural is a small brand that specializes in beauty and skin care and is a registered beauty professional.

It sells face and body care products, including its line of hair and body wash, and a range in facial skincare products.


Lush Beauty, $49 per month or 3-month trial subscription, $8.99 each.

The Lush range of products includes a product that can be used once per day, and can be applied directly to skin.


Bumble Beauty, 2 weeks free shipping, 2 months free shipping.

The brand has been praised for its natural beauty products, which are sold in small boxes that can also be used with makeup removers, sunscreen and other products.