How to keep your makeup looking flawless without leaving your skin vulnerable

LANCOME skin care is the latest in a line of products from the Paris-based cosmetics giant.

Its new products range from cosmetics to skincare to hair care and skin care to skin-care accessories and more.

Lancome launched the first LANCOM-branded skin care products on Monday, offering four different formulations.

The brand claims the range has helped the brand become one of the world’s top beauty brands, with an average customer spending a staggering $9,000 on the line, according to data from Cosmetics Retailer, which compiles data from more than 20 brands.

The LANCAME range comes in three different skin types, including a light-medium range with a creamy texture, and a darker-toned skin type with a softer texture.

The product is available in a range of colours, from light, medium and dark, and is formulated to be a combination of high performance, nourishing and lightweight.

It’s not just about the products, however.

LANCOULE has a specialised customer support team that works closely with customers to help ensure their products are formulated to meet their individual needs.

The new LANCUMEN skin care range also includes a skin-whitening serum.

The serum is made with a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients to help whiten and soften skin.LANCOME’s new products come in a variety of colour palettes, with its own range of light-to-medium shades.

Lancôme’s new skin care ranges are available at the following retailers:Lancomes website is now live, and you can learn more about its products by clicking here.