Why Black People Are Using Black Skin Care as a Black Beauty Brand

A black beauty brand called Black Beauty has made a splash on the beauty scene by creating its own black skincare line.

The brand, which debuted in 2016, is now making its way to grocery stores, and Black Beauty is already selling products at Whole Foods, Target and even Target Express.

The brands products, including skincares, lip balms and lotions, have a “black face,” “black skin” and “black beauty” logo on them.

They also use the term “black” in the product description, and are called Black Bodies. 

The products are all packaged in boxes that resemble black boxes. 

“We are excited to be introducing a new line of products that represent Black Beauty, our vision, and our commitment to diversity,” said Black Beauty CEO and cofounder Marisa Pacheco. 

According to The New York Times, the brand was founded in December of 2016 by Pachere.

The product lineup is available through select retailers like Target, Walmart, Target Express, Whole Foods and Amazon, and will be sold through a partnership with Walgreens.

The company’s first product, Black Beauty Glow, is a “glowy, light, and shimmery powder for skin and body that delivers deep nourishment, smoothness, and brightening effects.”

It’s available for $4.99. 

Alyssa V. Miller/The Washington Post/Getty Images “Black Beauty is a brand with a strong connection to the black community,” Pacherea said.

“We are deeply excited to bring Black Beauty to the grocery store.

We have a strong history of bringing the best products from Black communities to the marketplace, and we are excited about the possibilities of expanding that partnership.”

The new line comes as Black Beauty’s brand image has taken a major hit.

The beauty brand was once lauded as a way for people to look “black.”

But in recent years, the company has become increasingly associated with “black culture” and its products.

In 2016, a new ad showed a black woman on a plane, wearing an Afro wig, a wig made of an afro-colored wig, an afrosque coat and a headband that featured a skull.

A 2016 ad for the company’s new product, Beauty Glow in a Box, featured a black family with children, dressed in a “nude black dress” with a black skull, in the corner of the ad.

The brand was also criticized for being too white and too Asian.

 In January of 2017, the beauty brand said it was taking steps to remove the “racist” labels from its products, and that it was removing references to the Black Panthers, the Black Liberation Army, the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party.

The company also released a statement that said the “whiteness” of its products was a “product of historical and cultural oppression.”

Alyssah Miller/Associated Press The move to remove all references to Black People’s history, culture and struggles in its products has been met with controversy and backlash.

Black Beauty’s parent company, Black Beauties, said in a statement to The Huffington Post that the move “has not been a simple decision.”

It noted that the brand’s product descriptions had been changed to include the word “black,” and that Black Beauty was also “transitioning to a new packaging design” that would remove all the Black Power imagery. 

But the company said that the transition was not meant to “discriminate against or silence people of color” but was in line with Black Beauty “current, evolving, and non-discriminatory business goals.”

“We welcome this opportunity to make our products and our vision more inclusive,” the company continued.

“Black Beauty, Inc. is an inclusive company and we will continue to work to ensure that our products are accessible to people of all backgrounds and backgrounds.” 

According the company, the change was not a “one-off” but rather a “planned effort to reflect Black Beauty on the whole.” 

“Black Beauties mission statement, and its mission statement to empower the people of Black communities, is inclusive, diverse, and proactive in its approach to inclusion,” the statement said. 

Pacherea defended the company in a tweet, writing that the company “has always been a company of inclusion and inclusion inclusivity.”

“Black beauty has always been about the transformation of our world,” she added.

“It’s about us coming together as a community and giving back.”

Pachere said that she hopes to see the brand expand to other retail outlets in the future.

“I think Black Beauty will grow, and I hope they will expand their reach beyond grocery stores and Target,” she said.